Nannic is Belgian family business of the 3rd generation which is productive in innovative cosmetic solutions for active skin rejuvenation and long-lasting skin improvement.

What Makes Nannic unique?

The advanced NANNIC skincare products have an exceptional formulation, identical to our cells. They contain a maximum concentration of active ingredients, which work synergistically to optimize skin improvement.

Active in Belgium and Abroad

  • Nannic has already won the Oscar for ‘best luxury skin care line’ in Sweden, and at a recent Nannic Press event Swedish singer Annika Ljungberg declared: “Nannic has given me back my hair”. We are also the most booked treatment in Sweden according to the online booking platform (
  • In Belgium we received the price for ‘best innovation in hair care products’ and are renowned with the national beauty press
  • We have won the award for ‘best spa brand’ in the UK
  • Nannic Coup d’Excellence has won the award for ‘best serum’ in Russia

Nannic and Europeanne Aesthetics

Nannic Molecular Biologist, Prof. René Nagels and Ms. Tine Janssens

There is a strong collaboration between Europeanne Aesthetics and Nannic International in Belgium since the first quarter of 2014.

It is the primary goal of Europeanne Aesthetics to share Nannic products and machines among other aesthetic clinics in the country and maintain its high quality standards at an affordable price for its consumers. We invite you to try and experience the European standard skin care, slimming and firming. We guarantee that all our in-house products and Nannic skin care solutions are safe, effective and you will have 100% satisfaction!

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